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Koebel, Michel. 2020 (accepté, sous presse). « The Organization of Sport and Sport Policies in Germany », in N. R. Porro, S. Martelli, A. Testa (dir.), Sport, Welfare and Social Policy in the European Union. London : Routledge (coll. "Research in Sport, Culture and Society").

Germany is one of the most sport-oriented countries in Europe, as evidenced by the high number of memberships in clubs from the traditional sports movement, supervised by a single organization and largely funded by public authorities at all local levels, in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity, although there are slight variations depending on the political orientation. However, sport practices now include other modes that partly escape this hegemonic organization: sport is increasingly seen as a tool to support health policies and integrate marginalized populations, involving a growing range of stakeholders. Despite a growing number of people practicing sports and an ever-improving access for women and elderly people, sport practice remains socially unequal.